Marvel Throwback Thriller Madame Web

Director S. J. Clarkson's Experience with "Madame Web"

S. J. Clarkson, director and co-writer, discusses his experience working on Marvel's superhero action adventure "Madame Web."

Clarkson described the video as a combination of amazing visual effects and a day on set.

His past roles include Marvel's Jessica Jones and The Defenders, Heroes, Bates Motel, and Succession.

Dakota Johnson portrays as Cassandra "Cassie" Webb, an orphaned Manhattan paramedic who has visions and memories.

The film strives to be grounded and relevant, with the filmmaker enabling Johnson to explore her background and position.

Unlike other Marvel superheroes, Madame Web has never had her own comic, making her enigmatic character stand out.

• Clarkson sought to create a psychological thriller rather than a standard superhero film, as well as a distinct world and sandbox setting.