Kansas City Shooting: One Dead, 21 Injured Super Bowl parade

A shooting occurred during the Super Bowl in Kansas City, killing one and injuring 21 others at Union Station, where hundreds of fans gathered for 

Kansas City Shooting: A Tragic Incident

A shooting happened at the end of the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl triumph parade, killing one person and injuring 21.a

Eight people were in urgent danger of death, while seven others sustained potentially fatal injuries.

In connection with the event, police have apprehended three people.

The incident happened west of Union Station, where thousands of fans had congregated.

Chiefs players, coaches, staff, and their families were accounted for and safe.

Travis Kelce, the Chiefs' standout tight end, voiced his sadness on social media.

youngsters's Mercy Hospital is treating nine youngsters aged six to 15 who have sustained gunshot wounds.

City officials did not reveal the victims' identities or any details about the accused suspects.

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