Freed AI Free  Everyone

Freed AI free is a tool that utilizes AI technology to assist healthcare professionals in medical documentation, 

reducing the burden on patients and allowing for more personalized care.

Freed AI Free: AI for Healthcare Documentation

Key Features of Freed AI:

• Automated SOAP Note Generation: Transcribes patient-clinician conversations and extracts key medical information.

Freed AI Free

Self-Learning: Adapts to clinician's style, structure, and preferences over time.

Integration with EHR Systems: Allows easy transfer of notes.

Freed AI Scribe

• Enhanced Efficiency and Accuracy: Reduces documentation time and improves note accuracy.

• Multilingual Support: Transcribes talks in multiple languages for use in various healthcare settings.

• HIPAA Compliance: Prioritizes data security while adhering to HIPAA rules.

• Advanced Data Encryption: Uses powerful data encryption technologies to secure sensitive information.

• After-Visit Summary Generation: Creates patient-friendly summaries of visits.

• Review & Edit Functionality: Allows clinicians to review and edit notes before completing them.

• Mobile App Availability: Provides easy access and functionality on the go.